WATCH: Georgia official systematically destroys Trump’s 'wild' election fraud conspiracies
Photo: Screen capture

Georgia elections official Gabriel Sterling walked through the laundry list of accusations from President Donald Trump in his shakedown phone call to Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (R-GA), and systematically debunked them.

Standing next to a chart showing "Claim vs. Fact," Sterling shouted in some cases while he explained that a lot of the claims by President Donald Trump and other conspiracy theorists are wrong. Some of the claims he went so far as to call "wild."

One claim was that Secretary Raffensperger has a brother named Ron who works for Dominion Voting Systems, which is incorrect.

Another he cited was a false claim from the former CEO of Patrick Byrne is pushing a conspiracy that they printed blurry ballots just for Republicans so they wouldn't scan. A furious Sterling called it absurd.

One conspiracy theory is that 2,056 felons voted illegally. He explained that 74 potential felons are currently under investigation to see if they were still serving a felony sentence when they voted.

Similarly, the right claimed that 66,248 voters under 18 voted. Thus far they've found 4 people that they are looking into and they found that two people weren't of age to vote yet.

They also claimed that 2,423 voted that were not registered. They could find no basis for that.

A different claim is that 1,043 people illegally voted using a PO Box, what they found is that many PO Boxes were incorrectly classified as boxes when they were actually apartments.

Another claim was that 4,926 voters cast ballots past the registration date, which, again, they found zero evidence of. One of Trump's claims was that 10,315 people died before the election and still voted, in fact, they found 2 possible people who fit this claim that are now under investigation.

A claim also says that 395 people cast ballots in two states, which are being investigated.

There were many others in the extensive rebuke that aren't included in the "Claim vs. Facts" chart that he rattled off from memory. Ultimately, none of the claims added up to the 66,000 more votes that Trump says he should have in Georgia.

See the full press conference video below: