Seth Meyers celebrates Trump being relegated to rallies at bingo halls after leaving office
Late Night host Seth Meyers (Photo: Screen capture)

It might be a few weeks until the inauguration but, "Late Night" host Seth Meyers is already celebrating life without President Donald Trump.

"I know Trump is going to keep giving rallies after leaving office because it's either that or pay for therapy, but it just won't be the same," Meyers said.

Back from the holiday break, the NBC host said that going to a Trump rally after he's out of office will be like going to a Grateful Dead concert after half of the band has died. It's nothing but old people in knee braces, finishing the concert by 9:30 p.m., and passing around Fixodent instead of joints.

"As president, Trump has power, but in two weeks, he'll just be a guy hosting a show from whatever rental van they shoot NewsMax out of, ranting about low-flush toilets and meaningless celebrities from the 90s," Meyers continued.

If there's one thing that can be said about Trump is that he loves a good rally. In fact, he loves them so much he used it as justification for why he believes that he won Georgia because the size of his rallies were large.

"First of all, Biden had smaller crowds at rallies because it's a f*cking pandemic you sociopath," Meyers said of Trump after playing the audiotape of the call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

"The reason Biden didn't need big rallies is because people weren't going to vote for him they were going to vote against you," Meyers continued. "One of the reasons they were voting against you was because of the way you behaved at rallies. So, the irony is, Biden did have giant rallies. They were just yours."

Watch the video below:

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