Fox Sports announcer insults co-host by calling him 'Sidney Powell'
Fox Sports 1/screen grab

Fox Sports host Shannon Sharpe lashed out at co-host Skip Bayless on Tuesday by referring to him as "Sidney Powell", an attorney who has perpetuated conspiracy theories about the 2020 election.

The confrontation came during a discussion about whether basketball player LeBron James should be given the opportunity to take game-winning shots.

"Lebron James, who did not get a vote, has more buzzer beaters than every other player combined that got a vote," Sharpe told Bayless. "That's not speculation, Skip. That's not me making stuff up."

"These are the numbers, go look it up," he continued. "But see the narrative is, and you have helped perpetuate it and I don't like you for doing that. You're a great person but you're dead wrong for this one, Skip."

Sharpe then took a jab at Bayless by calling him Sidney Powell.

Sharpe added: "I fought you for the 16 years of conspiracy theories, Sidney Powell! I can't believe you did this! Because you've got people actually believing that LeBron James cannot take or make clutch shots!"

Powell, who recently met with President Donald Trump, is known for her so-called "kraken" lawsuits disputing President-elect Joe Biden's victory.

Watch the video below from Fox Sports 1.