Los Angeles sheriff is 'the Donald Trump' of L.A. County: Rhambo

The political toxicity of Donald Trump will be tested in Los Angeles County as Sheriff Alex Villanueva seeks re-election.

"Villanueva has appeared on Fox News to dismiss the notion of widespread police brutality, and in regular social media broadcasts, he has taken on a Trump-like demeanor, calling his critics trolls and out-of-touch elites. His news conferences have featured conservative politicians and personalities. He's reveled in publicly rebuking local elected Democrats, including the mayor of Los Angeles, for what he sees as their inept handling of the city's homelessness crisis, and he eagerly joined the campaign to kick the county's ultra-progressive district attorney out of office," the Los Angeles Times reported Monday.

Javier Gonzalez, a campaign consultant for Villanueva, said the campaign knows what it is doing, even though Donald Trump lost L.A. County by 44% points.

"We're running against the woke left, and we're going to win," Gonzalez said. "It's going to be a revolt of the regular people who want things done."

The similarities to Trump could harm Villanueva in the election.

LAX Police Chief Cecil Rhambo announced on Monday he is challenging Villanueva.

"The former assistant sheriff -- who stood up against corruption in the department under former Sheriff Lee Baca -- formally announced his candidacy on Monday," ABC 7 reports. "Rhambo has worked for 33 years in law enforcement and also served as city manager of Compton from 2017 through July 2019 and assistant city manager of Carson from 2014 to 2017."

"Sheriff Alex Villanueva is the Donald Trump of L.A. County," Rhambo said in a video announcing his bid.


Cecil Rhambo for LA County Sheriff: For Good www.youtube.com