Lauren Boebert's ex-campaign manager says FBI might shoot babies in 'back of the head' like Nazi Germany
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Rep. Lauren Boebert's (R-CO) former campaign manager Sherronna Bishop recently worried that rank-and-file law enforcement officers at the FBI could start shooting babies in "the back of the head" because she said the country is on a similar path to Nazi Germany.

Over the weekend, Bishop spoke to KUNS host Randy Corporon about a recent FBI raid on her home, which occurred the same day that Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters' home was raided. Peters has been implicated in a plot to leak voting machine passwords to a right-wing blog.

Both Peters and Bishop appeared at Mike Lindell's election cyber-symposium in August.

According to Bishop, as many as eight FBI agents used a battering ram to break down her front door while local law enforcement officers blocked off the street.

"I've heard people say they can't arrest us all and I agree with that," Bishop said. "But I'm also reading history and I continue to read about what led up to World War II."

"It was the basic police force -- they weren't specialized, they weren't hardened soldiers," she continued. "They were a basic police force in Poland that Hitler used to carry out the Final Solution."

Bishop pointed to an example from the book "Ordinary Men" by Christopher R. Browning.

"With tears rolling down my face, I turned the child's face away from me so I could shoot them in the back of the head quickly," she said, reading a passage from the book.

"I mean, that's horrifying," Bishop remarked, "and I pray to God that's not where we're at in America. But these are the things that led up to it."

She added: "You know, we've just got to wake up. We've just got a limited time right now to preserve this nation."

Listen to the audio clip below.