Prosecutors lose track of Kenosha gunman Kyle Rittenhouse after he gave the court a wrong address

On Tuesday, WISN 12 News reported that state courts were unable to serve notice to 17-year-old Kenosha gunman Kyle Rittenhouse, currently out on bond, because he did not give them the correct home address.

"The address listed on the defendant's November 20, 2020 bond, 286 Anita Terrace, #10, Antioch, IL, is a false and the defendant no longer resides there," said a prosecutor filing. "On December 22, 2020, the Clerk of Circuit Court mailed a notice to the defendant at that address, and the notice was returned unclaimed on January 28, 2021. The US Postal Service indicated on the notice that service was "Attempted Not Known" and they were "Unable to Forward."

Prosecutors are now asking that Rittenhouse be re-arrested and his bond increased to $200,000 and that he further be compelled to give an updated and correct address to the court.

Rittenhouse was arrested after traveling across state lines with a rifle to Kenosha, Wisconsin, where protesters were marching against the shooting of Jacob Blake, and killing two people in the course of a confrontation. His case has become a cause célèbre of the far-right, who has argued he was simply trying to keep the community safe.

This is not the first issue prosecutors have had. After Rittenhouse was released, he was seen in a bar appearing to flash a white power sign, prompting the state to ask that the court ban him from entering bars or from having contact with hate groups.