Dominion says Sidney Powell should face accountability for voter fraud conspiracies: 'She leveled falsehoods as deadly serious assertions of fact'

Responding to former Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell's claims to a judge that her accusations of massive voter fraud in the 2020 election were just her opinion, voting tech company Dominion Voting Systems slammed Powell in a Washington federal court filing, suggesting that she's lying in order to dodge the company's $1.3 billion defamation suit.

"Powell did not even attempt to couch her accusations as opinions," Dominion said in the filing, according to Bloomberg. "She leveled the falsehoods as deadly serious assertions of fact backed by evidence that she claimed would prove that Dominion had in fact stolen the 2020 election."

The company went on to say that letting Powell off the hook for her claims would effectively create a "propaganda exception" for defamation liability.

In March of this year, Powell said Dominion's lawsuit should be tossed out because "no reasonable person" would believe her claims about Dominion were "truly statements of fact," adding that her claims were clearly understood to be merely "opinions and legal theories" that are protected from defamation suits, Bloomberg reports.

"After lying about the evidence supporting her claims, Powell now asks this court to create unprecedented immunity for attorneys to wage televised disinformation campaigns," Dominion said.

"A law license is not a license to lie," the company added.