Dominion Voting busts Sidney Powell for sneaking new 'absurd allegations' into her countersuit
Lawyer Sidney Powell speaks during an event at Hillsdale College. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Dominion Voting Systems is alleging that Sidney Powell is stealthily committing additional libel in her countersuit against the company.

The battle between Dominion and Powell began last year when Powell falsely claimed that Dominion was somehow conspiring with a Venezuelan dictator who died over ten years ago to deliver a 2020 win for President Joe Biden. Dominion sued Powell, along with a series of right-wing outlets, for libel.

Now, Powell has decided to sue Dominion back. The problem, the company explained, is that she continued her libel in her suit.

Specifically, Dominion claims that Powell has included new allegations about how Dominion's voting machines operate in her new lawsuit that the company says are "nonsensical" and "misrepresent and confuse how the voting process works."

The Dominion lawyers then speculated that Powell had nefarious motives for doing this.

"It's hard to escape the notion that Powell filed her counterclaim simply to allow her to assert absurd allegations— as well as make false and unfounded arguments of spoliation... in the protected context of a court filing," Dominion lawyers responded.

See the full excerpt below: