Michigan attorney general explains why she's trying to have Sidney Powell disbarred
Photo: Screen capture

On CNN Tuesday, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel explained her state's new push to have pro-Trump attorney Sidney Powell sanctioned for professional misconduct in the election fraud lawsuits.

"What are the actions you're taking?" asked anchor John Berman.

"We made one of the requests in court filings today," said Nessel. "Firstly, in terms of the cases themselves, which have proven to be meritless and frivolous, and just embarrassing for our profession, undermining in every way the judicial system, we'll be asking for court costs and attorney's fees. But moreover, she and many of the other lawyers involved in some of these lawsuits on behalf of the Trump campaign have violated rules of professional conduct for every state in the union, and according to the American Bar Association. We're asking there is disciplinary action taken against her law license, including potentially disbarment."

"What rules did she violate?" asked Berman.

"How much time do you got, John? She's violated so many different rules," said Nessel. "Firstly, every lawyer, in order to become a licensed professional, takes an oath of office in which they swear to uphold the Constitution. Instead, she's done nothing but undermine it. There are so many rules of professional conduct. You can't bring frivolous lawsuits that are not based on fact or the law. You can't have fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, things that are prejudicial to justice. You can't knowingly bring evidence that is false, or make misleading claims. She's broken each and every one of these in all of her cases. Just in the Michigan cases alone, she's breached each and every one of these codes of conduct."

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