Sidney Powell scrambles to walk back her legal filing saying 'no reasonable person' should believe her

Sidney Powell issued a stunning admission in her defense of a defamation lawsuit from Dominion Voting Systems. According to Powell's court filing, "no reasonable person would conclude that the statements were truly statements of fact."

Now, Powell is scrambling to backtrack. In a Parler post, she explained, "This defamation lawsuit is yet another attempt to silence critics and citizens who want to investigate voter fraud," she claimed, pivoting away from her own claims. "The statements Dominion claims are defamatory are actually protected speech under the First Amendment because they deal with matters of public concern, i.e. election integrity. The Fake News media and their allies are spinning meritless claims because their arguments have neither the facts nor the law needed to hold up a courtroom."

She goes on to say that attacks on Dominion should be allowed because Dominion is "a public figure," because it's a company.

During an appearance on CNN Tuesday, elections lawyer Marc Elias explained that Powell appears brave in the parking lot but that bravery disappears in the courtroom.

The statement then goes on to claim that the media is falsifying what Powell's claims are in her court documents. The screen captures below show her full statement and a screen capture of her court filing with the quote she says is being "manipulated."