Sidney Powell complains she doesn't have the 'tiniest fraction' of money needed to pay off lawsuits
Photo: Screen capture

Election attorney Sidney Powell complained this week that she is facing so many lawsuits from voting machine companies that they need a "take-a-number system."

"We're going to continue the litigation," Powell told conservative broadcaster Pete Santilli on Tuesday. "Dominion is suing me personally for $1.3 billion."

As Powell spoke about Dominion's lawsuit, she burst into laughter.

"And then Smartmatic is suing me for $2.7 billion, I think, in New York," she continued. "And then Eric Coomer, who used to work with Dominion, is suing me in Colorado."

"I mean, we need a take-a-number system now for people who want to sue Sidney Powell," the attorney opined, "who doesn't have the tiniest fraction of that amount of assets. We could write that check and watch it bounce to infinity and beyond."

Powell has alleged that voting machine companies conspired to steal the election from former President Donald Trump. No court has found her claims to be true.

Watch the video below from The Pete Santilli Show.