Ted Cruz and JD Vance fail to bring in the crowds for CPAC
Photo: Screen capture

The annual far-right conference CPAC is a ghost town, according to some photos of the conference space.

C-SPAN has been airing some of the panel discussions while showing crowd shots of the empty chairs. Reporters at the event have taken photos of not only the empty chairs, but the people who are on hand to watch the speeches are almost entirely elderly and white.

The exhibit hall has considerable amounts of space available for vendors that didn't sign up this year to attend, as the Huffington Post's S.V. Dáte tweeted.

While the conference hall was fairly quiet, the "Make America Great Again" booth was hopping with Donald Trump Jr. sitting in front of a giant photo of the White House.

Insider's Bryan Metzger interviewed former White House Office of Personnel chief Johnny McEntee, who helped purge the government of so-called "Never Trumpers." He's among the exhibits that are in the hall to promote his right-wing dating app The Right Stuff. "We're having a hard enough time as it is right now," he said. They don't offer an option for same-sex relationships, which is a criticism he said they've heard "a lot."

There have been several GOP dating apps or dating websites that were attempted in the past like Donald Daters, Conservatives Only, Righter, Republican Singles and others.

Alejandra Caraballo, who sometimes has bylines at Wired, noted that the Libs of TikTok founder, Chaya Raichik, once mocked the Washington Post reporter that outed her for speaking to an empty room. Caraballo noted the panel with Raichik seemed to have a lot of empty chairs as well.

Media row seemed to be more hopping as Don Jr. began his show in the MAGA booth. As a Politico reporter pointed out, there was a woman painting a lion at one booth. She didn't clarify why.