George Conway unveils the 'perfect' SNL skit for the Biden era
Saturday Night Live (screengrab).

Fox News on Monday complained about NBC's "Saturday Night Live" not doing a sketch on President Joe Biden.

On Saturday, the show's cold open focused on Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) after each dominated headlines during the week before with major political scandal.

Prominent conservative attorney George Conway believes he has a solution.

"I think the perfect [SNL] skit on Biden would be one in which behind closed doors he acts like the former guy, always talking about himself and calling people names and complaining about fake news and eating cheeseburgers and popping hydroxychloroquine pills, but then pretends to be a nice, normal, sane guy when outsiders come in," Conway suggested.

"Kind of like this skit about Reagan," he said, included a video:

President Reagan, Mastermind - SNL