Pennsylvania Republican DA charged with rape and strangulation after alleged assault of woman

The Republican district attorney of Somerset County, Pennsylvania is facing multiple charges related to an alleged sexual assault he committed over the weekend.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette reports that Somerset County DA Jeffrey Lynn Thomas has been charged with rape, strangulation, criminal trespass, and other charges after a woman reported that he came to her house and assaulted her.

"Police said Mr. Thomas entered the home of a female acquaintance and refused to leave after being told to get out of the house," writes the Post Gazette. "The district attorney is then said to have sexually and physically assaulted the woman."

The Daily Beast notes that the 36-year-old Thomas ran for DA as a tough-on-crime candidate, although he's now been charged with several crimes of his own.

The publication also points to reports that Thomas's alleged victim "knew Thomas in a professional capacity and that she had for years rebuffed his persistent sexual advances."

Thomas was arraigned on Wednesday and is being held on $5,000 bail.