'Deplorable': Arizona GOPer may have perjured himself over domestic violence cases
Sonny Borrelli. (azleg.gov)

Police reports say Arizona’s Senate majority leader Sonny Borrelli was involved in two domestic violence incidents that left his then-wife bloody, the Daily Beast reports.

Borrelli later claimed under oath that there was "no evidence that domestic violence has occurred during this marriage," despite pleading guilty to disorderly conduct in one of the cases. As the Beast's report points out, Borrelli has had brushes with the law before.

From the Daily Beast: "In 2001, he was charged with misdemeanor assault, over an incident involving his wife. Borrelli pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct, and has maintained that he never hit his wife, but that she assaulted him and that he took a guilty plea to protect his family and avoid a legal battle. Borrelli’s stepson has since backed his version of events."

But now there's a previously unknown incident that's surfaced. Three years after the 2001 incident, police found Borrelli's then-wife in the hospital with more "dramatic wounds," according to the Beast. "Despite placing the call to police in 2004, and previously pleading guilty to disorderly conduct in the 2001 case, Borrelli later claimed in divorce documents that his marriage had been free from domestic violence," the Beast's report stated.

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The Campaign for Accountability says that Borrelli may have perjured himself.

“Arizonans have the right to elected officials who adhere to the highest standards of conduct, yet Sonny Borrelli’s behavior is deplorable,” CfA Executive Director Michelle Kuppersmith said. “Not only does Borrelli have a history of assault, but we now know he consistently lied about his behavior—to the public, to police officers, and to the court, and he must be held accountable.”