'Sorry Ronny': Jackson attacks Liz Cheney, claims he 'took care' of her dad. Former VP's actual doctor corrects the record.
Dr. Ronny Jackson, White House photo by Pete Souza.

U.S. Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX), the former White House physician during portions of the Obama and Trump presidencies, is now claiming he treated Dick Cheney in his latest attack on the daughter of the Bush-era Vice President, Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY).

Congressman Jackson's credibility has been repeatedly questioned, especially after allegations of misconduct that include claims of a history of generously prescribing medication during his time as the Physician to the President that reportedly led to him being nicknamed the "Candy Man." A report also found Dr. Jackson used alcohol and Ambien while on duty.

"The Department of Defense inspector general has issued a scathing review of Rep. Ronny Jackson during his time serving as the top White House physician, concluding that he made 'sexual and denigrating' comments about a female subordinate, violated the policy for drinking alcohol while on a presidential trip and took prescription-strength sleeping medication that prompted concerns from his colleagues about his ability to provide proper care," CNN reported last year.

On Sunday The Washington Examiner reported on Trump allies' work to oust Rep. Liz Cheney from her Congressional seat, including remarks by Rep. Jackson.

“I, like many Republicans in my party, have tried my best to stay out of this. I had a relationship with the Cheneys, as you know. I took care of them when I first got to the White House. I was her father's doctor for a while, I took care of her and her family, and I tried my best to just stay out of this,” Rep. Jackson told the Washington Examiner. “But it's gotten to the point now where I have to speak out, I have to say something. And that's one of the reasons that I'm here tonight is because we are done.”

A spokesperson for the Cheney family disputed Dr. Jackson's claims.

"Ronny Jackson was not Vice President Cheney’s doctor, nor was he the Cheney family doctor. For the eight years he was Vice President, Dr. Jon Reiner was his cardiologist and Dr. Lew Hofman was Vice President Cheney’s White House physician.”

Dr. Reiner took to Twitter to correct the record:

In fact Dr. Reiner wrote a book with Dick Cheney detailing his battle with heart disease, titled "Heart," as some on social media were quick to point out.

Jackson in the past claimed that President Donald Trump had "incredibly good genes," claimed if the then-president "had a healthier diet over the last 20 years, he might live to be 200 years old," said he did "exceedingly well" and got a perfect score on a cognitive test, and claimed Trump is 6'3" and weighs just 239 pounds.

"When I first arrived at the White House, I was absolutely one of the White House Physician’s [sic] assigned to take care of Vice President Cheney," Rep. Jackson responded in an attack on Dr. Reiner. "One of two in fact. I was the junior physician at the time, and was with him anytime the more senior physician assigned to him wasn’t."

The spat continued:

Dr. Reiner added:

"Sorry Ronny, according to the VPs former WH doctor you provided no meaningful care to VP Cheney."