Capitol attacker who claims she is a 'sovereign citizen' files 114-page typo-laden manifesto to the court

One of the women at the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was Pauline Bauer, a Pennsylvania pizzeria owner, who argued with Capitol Police that she was a "sovereign citizen" and thus she was entitled to enter the building that day.

"Bring Nancy Pelosi out here now. We want to hang that f*cking b*tch. Bring her out. We're coming in if you don't bring her out. What are you trying to do, protect a f*cking Nazi?" Bauer is cited as saying in the Justice Department complaint.

So far, she has refused to surrender her passport, refused to allow the judge to appoint her an attorney and called the search of her home by investigators "illegal."

During the pre-trial, Bauer objected to being called a "person," claiming she is "the Living Soul, A Creation of God, A Woman, As One of We the People," and calls for "all charges against my VESSEL" must be dropped, court documents showed.

Last month she submitted a 114-page, typo-laden, argument that was just uploaded to the public court website detailing that she can't be charged, tried or convicted because she doesn't recognize the authority of the United States.

"I, me, Pauline from the house of Bauer challenge the courts (sic) jurisdiction over me, a living woman, one of we the people, creator of Government. My status is clearly defined in my Notice of Special Appearance, that has already been filed. As a Free living Soul, Sui Juris, Jus Soli, an ambassador of Christ, Attorney in fact, I demand that this be a Constitutional Court of Record, that there will be no Presumptions, assumptions, no tacit agreements, no waiver of rights, no subversion of rights, no hearsay, no lawyering, or attornment from the bench."

She went on to say that she is "innocent," which presumably is her plea to the court.

Listing a series of definitions of things like "presumption," entrapment," "instrument" and other random words, quotes from the Constitution, The Bible, and the "1215 Magna Charta" (sic).

Bauer had filed a motion to dismiss the case, saying "inconsistencies with Due Process Protections Act and obligations not met under the Brady Rule" meaning she thinks the charges should be dropped. The court denied her motion.

Bauer, or someone, removed her social media accounts but not before screen captures were taken of her statements saying she was in the Capitol on Jan. 6.

While Bauer said that she is a "sovereign citizen" and doesn't recognize the authority of the U.S. court, someone with her name, living in her town and matching her year of birth is registered to vote as a Republican in the state of Pennsylvania.

Read the full court statement here.