Indiana school provides parents form to 'opt out' of Black History Month: report
A child raises his hand in class (Shutterstock).

A public school in Indiana is giving parents the option of opting out of Black History Month for their children.

In recent months, conservatives have falsely accused some schools of teaching Critical Race Theory and said that white children should not be made to feel guilty about the color of their skin.

Sprunica Elementary School in Nineveh, Indiana has taken the unusual step of giving parents the option to cancel Black History Month lessons altogether.

A purported copy of the opt-out letter was posted on Twitter this week.

In the letter, school counselor Benjamin White explains that he will "be coming around and teaching lessons related to equity, caring and understanding differences."

"These lessons will occur during the weeks of Feb. 14th-25th," the letter continues. "These lessons can provide a great impact on students and help facilitate a better environment for all."

White then offered the parents the option to remove their children from the Black History Month lesson.

"If you would like to opt out your child for receiving these lessons, then sign the form below and have your child return it to the school to give to the teacher," the letter says.

Read the letter below.