Republicans expect 'balloons in the audience' for Joe Biden's State of the Union speech
Joe Biden's 2022 State of the Union Address (Screen Grab)

Republican supporters hope there will be "balloons in the audience" when President Joe Biden gives his State of the Union speech Tuesday night.

One caller to San Antonio's WOAI morning show floated the idea of Republicans bringing balloons to the speech to protest Biden's handling of a surveillance aircraft from China that traversed the U.S. last week.

"The state of the Union is Dela-what? Dela-why? And Dela-where?" the caller said. "And also, there will be balloons in the audience so that should be quite entertaining."

Host Chris Duel called the idea "fantastic."

"If there's balloons in the audience, that's just going to be fantastic," he said.

"If the Republicans all come with white balloons, blow them up, that would be great," co-host "Mr. T" agreed.

Co-host Charity McCurdy predicted it would be "a true circus."

On Twitter, scores of comments echoed the call for Republicans to bring balloons to the speech.