'I have it too': Maskless woman casually admits Covid-19 infection at anti-vax rally
Twitter/screen grab

A New York woman was caught on video casually admitting that she was fighting a Covid-19 infection while attending a rally against vaccines.

Independent reporter Talia Jane shared a video of Stephanie Denaro appearing slightly out of breath as she attends the rally in New York.

"Danny’s in the hospital with Covid... I have it too," Denaro tells another person in the video.

"Why is he in the hospital?" the friend asks.

"Because he didn't go to the doctor and get it taken care of," Denaro replies. "He's an idiot."

The friend then suggests taking ivermectin as a remedy for Covid-19.

Denaro previously gained attention earlier this year for shouting racial slurs at a bakery employee who was enforcing mask mandates.

Watch the video clip below.