Ana Navarro blows up on 'repulsive' Stephanie Grisham for cashing in on Trump's abuses after acting as his 'accomplice'
Ana Navarro and Stephanie Grisham. (CNN/Screenshots)

CNN political commentator Ana Navarro on Tuesday blasted former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, who has recently published an explosive tell-all book describing her time in the Trump administration.

"I really can't stand it," Navarro said. "I find all of these, you know, late-developing-conscience people who served in the Trump campaign or the Trump administration repulsive. And look, I know we like the tea she is spilling. I know we like the gossip she is spilling. And it's not often I agree with Trump supporters, but she's got no credibility."

Despite being Trump's chief spokeswoman for a time, Grisham never held a single press briefing in the White House. After stepping down from her position as press secretary in 2020, Grisham became first lady Melania Trump's chief of staff.

"If she is talking about how she lied on Fox interviews, what makes you think she's saying the truth in a CNN interview?" Navarro continued. "So, I think these folks are trying -- people like her who write tell-all books after they left the administration. She left the administration January 6th, okay? Give me a break. By then, all of America knew who he was. She certainly knew who he was."

"He had been promoting the big lie for two months by then and it took till January 6th to resign? I frankly see no redeeming quality in this woman or any of the Trump accomplices who want to clear their name, want to make a buck and exploit their time in the White House as accomplices to the abuses of power of Donald Trump by writing tell-all books and trying to please people like me who want to hear the gossip. I'm never, ever going to buy one of these books."

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