April Ryan on Stephanie Grisham: 'I'm actually concerned for her life now'
April Ryan, White House correspondent anf Washington, D.C., bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks (Photo: Screen capture)

White House correspondent April Ryan said this week that she is "concerned" that former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham could be murdered by fans of former President Donald Trump.

According to Ryan, Grisham "is now toast" among Republicans after writing her tell-all book about the Trump administration.

"And I'm actually concerned for her life now," Ryan explained. "Because you have people who are die-hard Trumpers, who don't want any negative word against this president and she puts it all out there, not just about the [former] president but about the then-first lady, and then about the Kushners themselves who thought they were royals in their minds."

"She is toast politically," she added. "And you know, she's living a life with her dogs, her chickens and her family. She is now someone who needs to watch her back because she told the inner-most secrets that they did not want out. She showed a president that was unhinged, that was abusive in his words and volatile. She showed an administration that did not have any regard for the American public, but for the perception of the president of the United States at that time."

Watch the video below from CNN.