Stephen Miller peddled 'racist hysteria about Afghanistan' and gummed up refugee process: Ex-Pence adviser
Stephen Miller (Screen Grab)

Former Homeland Security adviser to Vice President Mike Pence, Olivia Troye, noted that top aide to Donald Trump, Stephen Miller, would "peddle racist hysteria about Iraq and Afghanistan" while she was working in the White House.

Tweeting about her experience, Troye responded to Ben Domenech, who tweeted that Trump would have gotten everyone out. According to Troye, there were cabinet meetings where he would make his comments about people from the two countries. Anyone working on visa issues would ultimately get undermined by Miller and his "enablers," she said.

She explained that she tracked the issue personally for DHS and that Pence specifically was aware of the problem. They got nowhere because Trump and Miller had little "watchdogs" to make the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) process even worse.

She specifically met with nongovernmental organizations working with refugees and they begged for help to get Afghans through the nightmare visa process. "The system wouldn't budge," she said, "regardless of how much this was argued about in National Security Council meetings." She noted that even the Pentagon weighed in on getting allies out, but all of the resources had been depleted.

"The fear of people across the Trump Admin to counter these enablers was palpable. There were numerous behind-closed-door meetings held-strategizing how to navigate this issue. The Trump Admin had four years while putting this plan in place to evacuate these Afghan allies who were the lifelines for many of us who spent time in Afghanistan," she said. "They'd been waiting a long time." Others watched as their process slowed to a trickle.

She said that people like Domenech and J.D. Vance are making blanket statements out of political convenience, but the reality is that they have no idea what happened.

"Please, just stop," she said. "Your comments are uninformed and also hurtful. We see right through you."

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