Stephen Miller defends Trump's hush money payment to porn star as 'alimony'
Stephen Miller speaks to NBC News (screen grab)

Former Trump administration adviser Stephen Miller defended former President Donald Trump by comparing hush money payments for a porn star to "alimony."

During an interview with right-wing host Charlie Kirk, Miller reacted to Trump's claim that he will be indicted in connection to payments to porn star Stormy Daniels.

Miller compared Daniels to an ex-wife even though Trump claimed he did not have an affair with her.

"Under this theory, if the candidate is running for office and there's a dispute over, say alimony with his ex-wife," Miller offered, "and the ex-wife requests a different amount of alimony based on, you know, years-long disputes, that the candidate would be legally obliged to turn all the alimony payments over to his campaign."

"And from now on, his wife will get all of her alimony payments from his election campaign," he continued. "But to not do that would be a crime that if you tried to pay alimony with your personal funds, you're a criminal."

Miller concluded: "That is what this would mean if it was taken seriously. But again, the whole point is the whole point is that they are Marxist, and the truth is nothing to them."

Earlier this month, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's office signaled that charges were likely for Trump. The former president is expected to face a misdemeanor for fraud related to the payments. The charge could be elevated to a felony if Trump is found to have violated campaign finance law.

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