Stephen Miller claims Joe Biden said 'Let's Go Brandon' as part of 'insidious' conspiracy
Fox News/screen grab

Former Trump adviser Stephen Miller called President Joe Biden "insidious" on Sunday because he repeated the phrase "Let's Go Brandon."

During an interview on Fox News, Miller pointed to Biden's recent Christmas-themed telephone call where a parent said "Let's Go Brandon." Biden responded by repeating the phrase even though it is a slur that is commonly used in place of "F--k Joe Biden."

"Here's my theory and I'm being completely forthright when I say this," Miller told host Larry Kudlow. "I believe that Joe Biden is controlled by his staff and his aides. And not just senior staff. I think mid-level aides in the White House."

"You know, the recent incident that people made a great deal of fun about -- well, they should have -- where Joe Biden said 'Let's Go Brandon' during Christmas," he continued, "to me, reveals something much more insidious, which is that he doesn't know about the 'Let's Go Brandon' meme because he doesn't consume any of his own information. He's completely sheltered and controlled by his staff."

Miller said that Biden's recent actions compared unfavorably to Donald Trump's presidency.

"[Trump would] bring us into the Oval and say, 'I read this report, I read this report, I read this report, I saw this, I saw this, I saw this, I want reaction, I want analysis,'" Trump's former aide claimed. "It's completely the opposite with Biden. He's totally shaped and controlled by staff and has no inputs but what they give him. So they see him, his own staff sees him as a vessel to implement these AOC-style, soft-on-crime, no-borders, massive-taxation, massive-welfare, no-American-energy policies."

"He's their vessel and we're all suffering as a result," he concluded.

Watch the video below from Fox News.