Steve Bannon says supporters more prepared for uprising than Confederacy was: 'Give it to them with both barrels'
GETTR/screen grab

Conservative podcast host Steve Bannon said his supporters are more prepared for uprising than the people who fought in the Revolutionary and Civil wars.

During his Tuesday War Room broadcast, Bannon argued that his audience knew the third world war was underway.

"They (the audience) understand that this is the third world war," he said. "The whole purpose of this show is that this is a vanguard, and you've never had a vanguard in this country, even in the Revolution and Civil War, you never had a vanguard that was fully informed with the best information out there."

Bannon urged his audience to contact Congress and "give it to them with both barrels" over a possible bailout for the failed Silicon Valley Bank.

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.