'Utterly nonsensical': Steve Bannon's excuse for defying House subpoena burned down by CNN legal analyst
Breitbart.com CEO Steve Bannon speaks to '60 Minutes' (Screen capture)

Trump ally Steve Bannon said on Friday that he will not comply with a subpoena issued by the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th Capitol riots.

However, CNN legal analyst Elie Honig was not impressed with Bannon's justification for disobeying the subpoena and he drove a truck through the legal arguments Bannon made for why he shouldn't comply.

Honig began by slapping down Bannon's invocation of executive privilege.

"It seems more clear in our law that [executive privilege] is the province of the current president than the prior president," he said. "And by the way: Steve Bannon was not a member of the executive branch at the time."

Honig then took a scalpel to Bannon invoking attorney-client privilege as a justification for not obeying the subpoena, which Honig described as "utterly nonsensical."

"Steve Bannon and Donald Trump, neither of them is an attorney," he explained. "They've never been in an attorney-client relationship, and even if they'd had some conversation together with an attorney, that privilege is waived when you have another person there."

Honig concluded by saying that Bannon's ploy was a "delay tactic" and "a political strategy," but said that "legally it holds no water."

Watch the video below.

Steve Bannon's excuse for defying Capitol riot committee subpoena demolished by legal analyst www.youtube.com

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