Capitol riot committee is 'not messing around' by slapping Bannon with criminal referral: CNN's Wolf Blitzer
Steve Bannon (Reuters)

On Thursday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," anchor Wolf Blitzer and legal affairs correspondent Paula Reid discussed the planned criminal contempt referral of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon for refusing to comply with the House subpoena on the January 6 Capitol attack.

"It looks like, as they say, they're not messing around at all," said Blitzer.

"No," replied Reid. "In fact, they're sending a message to Bannon and the other witnesses they're targeting this this investigation that if you don't comply, they will try to force you. But it's a lengthy process. It's ultimately up to the attorney general whether to actually prosecute."

Bannon appears to be following the directive of Trump, who has told his allies not to honor subpoenas as part of an effort to invoke executive privilege — despite the fact that he is no longer in office.

Watch below:

Wolf Blitzer says Capitol riot committee is "not messing around" on Bannon