'Irrelevant': Steve Bannon trial judge rules against Trump's 'executive privilege'
Donald Trump holds a press conference at Trump Turnberry. (Shutterstock.com)

U.S. District Judge Carl J. Nichols told a jury at Steve Bannon's contempt trial that claims of executive privilege by former President Donald Trump are "irrelevant."

With his Wednesday afternoon ruling, Nichols said that Bannon's attorneys could introduce recent correspondence with the Jan. 6 Committee. Bannon has said that he refused the committee's subpoena because Trump claimed to have "executive privilege."

The former Trump adviser changed course in recent weeks and said that he would be willing to testify.

Nichols instructed the jury that executive privilege and an offer to later cooperate were not legitimate defenses for contempt of Congress.

“Mr. Bannon’s belief that questions around executive privilege excused him from complying with the subpoena are irrelevant in this case. In addition… whether or not in the future Mr. Bannon complies with the subpoena is irrelevant," Nichols said, according to WUSA reporter Jordan Fischer.