'BANNON INDICTED' chyron appears behind Steve Bannon while he's doing his podcast
Steve Bannon (Twitter).

On Friday, a federal grand jury indicted former Trump adviser Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress over his refusal to cooperate with House subpoenas relating to the January 6 Capitol riot investigation.

In a twist of irony, as the news broke, a chyron announcing his indictment appeared on the TV directly behind Bannon as he conducted a podcast.

Bannon, who previously was indicted for fraud relating to a scheme to fundraise for Trump's border wall construction only to be pardoned by the then-president, has argued that Trump's invocation of executive privilege means he does not need to even respond to Congress' subpoena for information.

The House made a criminal referral to the Justice Department last month, and Bannon was formally charged by a grand jury on Friday.