Steve Bannon demands more 'Judeo-Christian' babies to save civilization: 'We'll train them up'
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Conservative podcast host Steve Bannon argued on Monday that the only way to "save civilization" is to birth more "Judeo-Christian" babies.

Bannon made the remarks after Real America's Voice correspondent Ben Harnwell blamed "the fertility crisis" in France on "militant secularization."

"Europe has an absolute demographic crisis facing it," Harnwell concluded.

Bannon responded by noting that French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel do not have children.

"Hey, if you want to save the Judeo-Christian west, if you want to save civilization, start by having babies," Bannon said. "Simple. Start there. We'll train them up. We'll get it done but let's start by having babies."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.