Steve Bannon rails against 'scumbag' Lindsey Graham for supposedly being secret MAGA 'traitor'
Steve Bannon (Photo: Screen capture)

Indicted Trump ally Steve Bannon on Wednesday ranted about the fact that President Joe Biden said that there were five Republican senators who told him in secret they wanted to support him, but couldn't do so out of fear of facing primary challenges by pro-Trump candidates.

During his daily "War Room" podcast, Bannon said he was not surprised to learn that five GOP senators secretly harbored anti-Trump thoughts.

"The five traitors -- and this is the scumbags and slimeballs you have here in the nation's capital -- he got five Republican senators have told him they agree with what he's doing," Bannon fumed. "They agree with what he's doing and they would vote and support him, but they're afraid of, wait for it, the War Room Posse."

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Bannon then called on these five senators to publicly identify themselves while also speculating that Sen. Lindsey Graham was one of them.

"Have enough guts to step up and tell us, Lindsey Graham, who you are," he said. "We need you guys to step up to the plate, Lindsey Graham!"

Watch the video below.

Steve Bannon rails against 'scumbag and slimeball' Lindsey Graham