‘This is the rise of fascism’: Steve Bannon squares off against Michelle Obama’s voter drive
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Conservative podcast host Steve Bannon sarcastically bragged on Monday that his effort to take over the entire election apparatus of the United States was a "rise of fascism."

During his War Room broadcast, Bannon suggested that former First Lady Michelle Obama had recently announced a voter drive in response to his plot to control elections.

Bannon pointed to a New York Times op-ed by Ezra Klein that said his so-called "precinct strategy" is working.

"Whether it's the school boards, whether it's the election officials, the precinct strategy is to take over the Republican Party," Bannon explained on his Monday podcast. "Remember, there are no coincidences. Michelle Obama who has floated above this thing at 60,000 feet with Barack Obama, floating above it because they're national heroes, according to some people, over the weekend, what did she say she was going to do?"

"You talk about the most nitty-gritty part of it," he continued. "She's going to lead an effort to sign up one million new voters for progressives. How many of those are going to be citizens?"

Bannon told his audience that Klein had called them fascists in his op-ed.

"This is the end of America," he explained, speaking from Klein's point of view. "We saw in the Commonwealth of Virginia, it worked perfectly. If they sign up to take over the Republican Party, this is the rise of fascism. These are the worst people on Earth. That would be you, by the way, this audience."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.