Steve Bannon podcast claims 'Soros and Hannity' working together in conspiracy against Putin
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Conservative podcaster Steve Bannon devoted a segment on Thursday to attacking Sean Hannity after the Fox News host became a critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Bannon complained that MSNBC host Chris Hayes has been "more balanced" in his coverage of the Ukraine invasion "than brother Sean Hannity over at Fox, talking about cutting the heads off snakes and getting Lindsey Graham [as a guest]."

"All they want to do is send your kids to war with your dollars," he told former Trump adviser Steve Cortes. "How is Chris Hayes having segments like that -- probably the most powerful segment that's been done yet on this war, the real war? And you've got Hannity, Hannity is trying to decapitate a regime, he's trying to have regime change."

Cortes accused Hannity of "losing the plot completely" and suggested that he could be working with liberal billionaire George Soros.

"He's had too much of Lindsey Graham," Cortes opined. "When you have Lindsey Graham on your show, the globalist loser, every other night and you do nothing but love and kiss up to him, unfortunately, it's going to warp your mind, I guess, over time. And that's what's happened to Hannity."

"We live in an upside-down world in many ways where Chris Hayes is speaking truth and Hannity is spewing nonsense," he added before accusing both Putin and the Ukrainians of "lying to us."

"And most importantly, our own media lies to us constantly and whenever all these forces line up together, whenever you have George Soros and Hannity and Lindsey Graham and Kevin McCarthy in the House, when all of them are lined up on the same side and all of them are donning Ukrainian flags, your antennae should go up. That should be a time for you to get skeptical."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.

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