Steve Bannon doubles down on 'shock troops' takeover plan: 'We're going to have 20,000 ready to go'
Real America's Voice/screen grab

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon on Monday defended his plan to use "shock troops" to rebuild the government during a Republican takeover.

"If you're going to take over the administrative state and deconstruct it, then you have to have shock troops prepared to take it over immediately," Bannon explained to NBC News last week.

Bannon doubled down during his Monday broadcast on Real America's Voice.

"We're winning big in 2024 and we need to get ready now," he said. "Right? We control the country. We've got to start acting like it. And one way we're going to act like it, we're not going to have 4,000 [shock troops] ready to go, we're going to have 20,000 ready to go and we're going to pick the 4,000 best and most ready in every single department."

"And that's when we really start to deconstruct the administrative state," Bannon continued. "You look at these institutions, they're rotten to the core. They need to be rejuvenated and they will be rejuvenated. OK? Starting with the FBI and the Justice Department."

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.