Steve Bannon courthouse screed commands followers to 'take down the illegitimate Biden regime'
Gettr/screen grab

Steve Bannon vowed to "take down" President Joe Biden on Wednesday as a federal judge was set to hear arguments in a case against the former Trump adviser.

Bannon spoke to a live stream on his Gettr account before walking into U.S. District Court where is he facing contempt of Congress charges for refusing to cooperate with the Jan. 6 Committee.

"This is all noise," he told his followers. "We are dedicated to take down the illegitimate Biden regime and stop it in its tracks every day of the week. And we're doing a pretty good job."

He said that his second goal is "to destroy the Democratic Party as a national political institution root and branch."

"A populist, nationalist uprising at the polls to take down the Democratic Party!" he exclaimed.

Before walking into court, Bannon also promised to "take down" the Chinese Communist Party.

Bannon made similar threats after surrendering to federal authorities last year.

He has also accused the government of "unparalleled arrogance" in its case against him.

Watch the video below.

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