'Savage our enemies!' Steve Bannon throws a fit demanding to testify at Jan. 6 hearing
Real America's Voice

Conservative podcaster Steve Bannon lashed out at members of the House Select Committee on Jan. 6 because he hasn't been invited to testify after first refusing and being charged with contempt of Congress.

On his daily War Room: Pandemic program, Bannon argued that MAGA supporters should pray for their "enemies."

"Pray for our enemies," he said. "Because we're going medieval on these people. We're going to savage our enemies. So pray for them. Who needs prayers? Not MAGA, not War Room, and certainly not Steven K. Bannon but I'll take everything I can get."

Bannon laid out his demands for testifying at a Jan. 6 hearing.

"Here's what I need," he asserted. "Give me a date, a time, a room number, a microphone and a Holy Bible that I can take the oath on. Boom! Deliver that and we'll see how good you are little Jamie Raskin and Liz Cheney and all of it."

"Serve it up," the right-wing host repeated. "Here's my request: date, time, room number, a microphone that works and a Holy Bible to take the oath on. OK, show me what you got."

Bannon accused the committee of "taking these interviews and cutting them up."

"As Trump says, no games," he ranted. "We're not playing games. We're beyond games."

"We're taking down -- we're killing the Biden administration in the crib and we're glad," Bannon concluded.

Trump recently revoked his executive privilege claim that Bannon said prevented him from testifying. But Bannon has not yet been invited to speak to the committee and his contempt of Congress trial is set to proceed as scheduled.

Watch the video below from Real America's Voice.