Ex-prosecutor wants new language added to oath of office to help stop future GOP corruption — would it help?
Sen. Josh Hawley (CSPAN2)

Former 30-year federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner has a proposal for all elected leaders across the United States.

Americans learned this week that former President Donald Trump wanted his officials to lie about anything involving Russia, the U.S. and Mexico border and white supremacy. Kirschner suggested that it's time to add the following words to the oath of office: "... and that I will faithfully report corruption, crime and abuse in government of which I become aware..."

Brian Murphy, the former principal deputy undersecretary in the Department of Homeland Security, revealed that Americans were facing threats from white supremacists and the Russians, while playing up threats from the border.

This isn't the first discovery of corruption in the Trump government. Several Cabinet-level secretaries were forced to resign after it was revealed they were using their offices for personal, political or financial gain, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington reported ahead of Trump's final days.

The effort may be his way to stem future Republican corruption, but many political analysts say that the oath of office was ignored throughout the Trump administration. Currently, the oath states that all elected officials must "solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

As conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin wrote at the time, it became clear in the first impeachment how many were willing to breach the oath.

"Perhaps then we should not be surprised that arguably the most morally bankrupt Republicans and some of the most principled Democrats ever to serve make up this Congress," she wrote.

After Jan. 6, more began asking the same question, wondering if any Republicans would be held accountable for attempting to stop the constitutional process of accepting the electoral college votes.

"They also swore on a Bible to uphold the Constitution, and that's where they really are stepping outside and being in dereliction of duty," said former Republican New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman. "They swore to uphold the Constitution against all our enemies, foreign or domestic, and they are ignoring that."

See Kirschner's video below:

Trump's de facto "All-Of-Government" Corruption Policy Exposed by Republican DHS Whistle Blower www.youtube.com