University of Utah student threatened to detonate local nuclear reactor if her school's team lost football game: police
A radiation sign (Shutterstock)

A University of Utah student has been arrested after police say she threatened to detonate a nuclear reactor if the Utes' football team didn't win on Saturday, KSLTV reports.

The unidentified student, who is 21, was charged with making a terroristic threat.

The woman made the threat on the Yik Yak app before the game, stating that "if the football team did not win the game, (she) was going to detonate the nuclear reactor that is located in the University of Utah causing a mass destruction."

Police say the student does have knowledge of the nuclear reactor and "is aware of where the reactor is located and attends class in the same building where the reactor is housed."

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Late last month, another student was arrested on similar charges after he made a bomb threat on the Yik Yak app. The student claimed the threat was a joke.