Biden defeats conservative attempt to stop his student loan forgiveness deal — for now
Former Vice President Joe Biden (Facebook)

President Joe Biden won before the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday after a conservative group challenged his student loan forgiveness deal.

A group of Wisconsin "taxpayer advocates" tried to sue to stop the Biden plan from moving forward, asking for an emergency injunction.

The three-judge panel, made up of appointees from Presidents Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, rejected the injunction.

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The group, the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty, is "a conservative, libertarian public interest law firm," according to PolitiFact. They are funded by the Bradley Foundation, which has "given over $500 million to conservative "public-policy experiments" since 2000, SourceWatch found. In 2021, they fought the concept of ballot drop boxes in future elections, saying that the law only provides two ways for Americans to vote. For many years the only way people could vote was by riding a horse to the county seat, but that evolved with the invention of technology.

"It is ordered that the motion for an injunction pending appeal is denied," the judges wrote.

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