'I would have died without this!' Lone woman stands up to throng of anti-abortion activists at Supreme Court
Woman confronts anti-abortion protesters at Supreme Court [Twitter/screen grab]

A woman who said that she would have died without an abortion clashed with protesters outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday.

The morning after Politico leaked a decision that would reportedly end federal abortion rights, anti-abortion groups assembled outside the Supreme Court.

In a video shared on Twitter, a lone woman could be seen confronting the anti-abortion protesters.

"80 percent of young people want to vote on abortion, they want it to go back to the states," an anti-abortion protester claimed over a loudspeaker. "Let the people speak!"

"We are!" the woman yelled back. "We're speaking! I would have died without this law! Just so you know, you're sacrificing the mothers for the children!"

"An abortion is the direct ending of a human life," the anti-abortion protester countered.

"The child I was carrying was not viable!" the woman shouted. "I could have died."

"That means I had an abortion to save my life!" she added. "If I held it long enough, I could have bled out and died myself. So you don't even know what you're talking about!"

"Just kill babies on purpose then!" another anti-abortion protester exclaimed.

"It's not a baby!" the woman insisted. "It's an embryo. I'll show up to your house when you're pregnant and force you to full term!"

Watch the confrontation below.

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