Cop asked law enforcement to stand down for trucker convoy — and needs to turn in his gun: police

His own police department is distancing itself from a resigning officer who went viral supporting the trucker convoys.

"He’s already resigned, but Tacoma police officer Robert Hollingsworth has been placed on administrative leave by department leaders after the discovery of an online video that violates city policy," The News Tribune Reports. "Hollingsworth warns other police officers not to hinder the protest. His statement is general, urging officers to resist 'orders,' though he gives no specific examples."

After the video went viral, the department issued a statement saying the video was recorded at the end of Hollingsworth's last patrol shift.

"The department is in the process of serving the officer with administrative leave paperwork. This will include the surrender of the officer's service weapon, badge, and department identification," the Tacoma Police Department said in a statement. "The opinion expressed by the employee does not reflect the opinions of the City of Tacoma Police Department."

Hollingsworth's last day is March 13, the department says.

In the message, Hollingsworth said, "conservatives support law enforcement."

"This message is to the police in D.C. and other cities that have spineless and tyrannical leaders such as mine. Stop allowing the left and the media to use our profession for political gain. The freedom convoy is coming, and you will be tested," he said. "If you violate people’s constitutional rights, due to the orders of some liberal tyrant, conservatives will turn on you, and they absolutely should for you doing so."

Hollingsworth ended his message with "Let's Go Brandon," which translates from conservative into "f*ck Joe Biden."