'Y'all didn't do anything': Police brutality victim confronts DC mayor about being Tased in his own living room
D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser

On Friday, the Washington City Paper reported that Lennon English, a Black police brutality victim, confronted D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser about his incident as she was giving a press conference at the Hillcrest Children and Family Center next door to his apartment.

"By the end of Bowser’s remarks, English had walked over to join the reporters and community members who’d gathered at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE and Raleigh Street SE. When the mayor asked for questions from the community, English spoke up," reported Mitch Ryals. "'I want to know what are you gonna do about the effects of police brutality and police violence against African Americans in this city, both the mental health of the victims, who are African American, but also the mental health of your administration and police officers who are participating in brutality?' English asked."

"Bowser said that she would not tolerate officers who don’t follow the rules and directed English to file a complaint," said the report. "He had already filed a complaint, English told the mayor, adding that in January 2021, Sergeant Matthew Nickerson and several other officers beat him and shocked him with a stun gun in his living room while he was still wet from the shower. 'I came to your office about it,' English told the mayor. 'Y’all didn’t do anything to those officers. You haven’t done anything to help my mental health at all.'"

According to the report, Bowser pledged to investigate the matter but did not issue an apology to English.

This comes amid multiple incidents around the country in which improper police conduct around stun guns has been called into question.

This week, a sheriff's deputy in Osceola County, Florida was charged with misdemeanor culpable negligence for Tasing a biker at a live gas pump, resulting in a fuel explosion that left the suspect hospitalized with third-degree burns covering 75 percent of his body. And in February, former Minneapolis police union boss Kim Potter was sentenced to 16 months for fatally shooting Daunte Wright after confusing her gun and her Taser.