'Y'all played with the wrong mama': Video shows high schoolers mocking disabled student

Video circulating the internet shows high school students in Louisiana mocking a teen with cerebral palsy -- at one point swiping his motorized wheelchair and riding it around the school's halls, the New York Post reported.

The video which shows several students riding around in Tay’Shawn Landry’s wheelchair left him traumatized, Landry's mother said.

“Sr. Pranks are fun and all but when you make fun of my disabled kid and his belongings then IT BECOMES MY PROBLEM!” Landry’s mom, Kimberly Mitchell wrote in a post on Facebook.

“I don’t care who’s [sic] parents get upset but there will be consequences. I SAID WHAT I SAID! Y’all played with the wrong child & THE WRONG MAMA,” she continued, adding that the incident has made her son not want to go back to school.

“As a mother, it hurt me to see my son upset and not wanting to go back to school because he took it as people making fun of him because he’s different,” she wrote.

Mitchell, who is a single mom, wrote in a letter that her son “was born this way, he didn’t ask to be this way.”

“No, he wasn’t there when the prank occurred but to wake up and see the videos caused anguish. To them it seemed fun, but to my son it seemed as if he was being impersonated because of the things seen done in ‘HIS’ personal wheelchair,” she added.

She went on to say that she wants the students held accountable for their actions, which includes paying for any possible damages to the $15,000 wheelchair. “Right now we are hoping and praying that the chair is still mobile (not broken),” she wrote.

The school says the incident is under investigation and any disciplinary actions against students are confidential.

Watch the video below or at this link.