Tech billionaire on trial for largest tax fraud case in US history may not be mentally fit to stand trial

Billionaire Texas tech mogul Robert Brockman, 80, has been charged in the largest tax fraud case ever in the U.S., but reports from two medical experts say he's not mentally fit to stand trial, Bloomberg reported Monday.

Brockman claims he has dementia and won't be able to aid his attorneys in his defense. He's charged with failing to pay taxes on $2 billion in income and laundered money.

Three government medical experts previously said he was fit to stand trial, with two of the doctors saying he was exaggerating any illness he may have.

But two of the doctors reversed their opinions after Brockman was recently hospitalized, saying that a recent brain scan provided evidence that his symptoms were "consistent with at least early Alzheimer's."

Another examination of Brockman's health will be discussed during a competency hearing on November 15.