Ted Cruz caught fiddling with his phone as Senate learns key details about pro-Trump insurrection

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Tuesday was caught staring at his phone while former United States Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund gave harrowing testimony about battles with MAGA rioters.

During his testimony, Sund sought to push back against some Republican lawmakers who have tried to play down what happened at the infamous January 6th riots that were incited by former President Donald Trump to prevent the United States Congress from certifying President Joe Biden's electoral college victory.

"These criminals came prepared for war," said Sund, who also described the MAGA rioters' attack as a "military-style, coordinated assault."

Sund also described the intelligence failures that left Capitol police undermanned and unprepared to handle the rioters.

"None of the intelligence we received predicted what actually occurred," he explained.

It was at this point that Cruz could be seen on camera ignoring Sund's testimony and tapping away on his phone.

Watch the video below.