Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley are so toxic that business leaders may cut off political donations: report

In the wake of mob violence at the U.S. Capitol spurred by lawmakers refusing to certify the election of Joe Biden, some of America's top businesspeople are threatening to cut off funding to those who egged it on, Axios reports.

"On Monday night, 36 hours before the insurrection, Yale School of Management professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld invited a group of high-profile CEOs and investors to a virtual meeting at 7am the following morning, to discuss expected congressional objections to the presidential certification process," the report states.

One attendee at the meeting told Axios that the amount of anger at the 11 senators who refused to vote to certify Biden's victory "was more intense than any I can recall directed with so much universality."

"There is real anger at these people, particularly Hawley and Cruz, that they don't really understand. ... We all know we need public/private partnership to get through this pandemic, and these 11 are doing something they know is wrong, which hurts those efforts, for purely personal reasons," the attendee said.