Eight arrested protesting at home of Ted Cruz in Houston: police
Sunrise Movement protest.. (Twitter user @smvmtgenonfire)

Police arrested multiple activists protesting at the home of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in Houston on Monday.

"Eight people were arrested during a protest outside of Sen. Ted Cruz's Houston home on Monday," KTRK-TV reported. "The demonstration was led by a group with the Sunrise Movement, an organization that advocates for political action on climate change. Dozens of demonstrators rallied around Cruz's front yard after what was described as a 400-mile march.

Images posted to Twitter show activists targeting Cruz, but also asking the Democratic Party president, "Which side are you on, Biden?"

On banner mentioned the widely-panned decision of Cruz to abandon Texas for Cancun during a deadly winter storm.

"Our homes flood, our people freeze, Cruz abandons us," the banner read.

This is not the first time Cruz's home has been in the news. In February, it was reported Cruz abandoned his dog Snowflake in the "freezing" home when he fled Texas for Mexico.

And it has previously been protested.

"In April, protesters rallied outside of Cruz's home to protest in what they called a day of community action in response to the inaction from congressional representatives and city council," KTRK-TV reminded. "Nearly three bus loads full of demonstrators were said to have traveled to the home of Sen. Cruz. Many were seen on the front sidewalk drawing attention with signs, banners, loud chants and even a small band."