Ivy Leaguer Ted Cruz attended Kentucky Derby -- then told Fox News the GOP is a 'blue collar party'

After attending two private high schools, Ted Cruz attended Princeton University followed by Harvard Law School.

On Saturday, the Texas Republican posted a picture of him at the Kentucky Derby..

Then Sen. Cruz went on Fox News to argue the GOP is a blue collar party.

"We ought to support the little guy," the senator told Fox News personality Jesse Watters on Saturday evening.

"We ought to support the small business owner, we ought to support the working men and women. Our party is a blue collar party," Cruz declared.

"Our party are the truck drivers and steel workers and waiters and waitresses and cops and fire fighters -- the men and women with calluses on their hands, that's who we're fighting for," said Cruz, who voted for Trump's tax cuts for the wealthy. "That's who we should be fighting for."