WATCH: Ted Cruz berates DOJ official because Black Lives Matter is not labeled a terrorist organization
C-SPAN/screen grab

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) used a hearing about voting rights on Wednesday to excoriate Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke because Black Lives Matter is not considered a domestic terrorist organization.

"Do you believe the Black Lives Matter protesters who burned shops, who firebombed police cars, who murdered police officers, do you believe they're domestic terrorists?" Cruz asked.

"Senator, I believe we live in a society where people espouse different views," Clarke replied. "But what we don't want are threats or violence."

Cruz interrupted before the DOJ official could finish her answer.

"Ms. Clarke, it is amazing that you are not willing to condemn people who are murdering police officers and firebombing cities because your politics aligns with them," Cruz said, "but at the same time when it comes to parents at school boards, you're perfectly comfortable with calling a parent at a PTA meeting a domestic terrorist."

Watch the video below from C-SPAN.